Bill Fischer:
Living & Breathing Luxury

It’s no secret that Bill Fischer charges his clients a sizeable fee to enter his world of luxury services, and a healthy retainer simply to maintain their elite status with him. His phone and fax numbers are unlisted, and he has a list of VIPs around the world who are anxiously waiting to become a client of Fischer Travel.

What’s not so obvious is how Fischer, who handles travel fur some of the most celebrated film stars and wealthy business executives worldwide (nearly half of his clients are international), has created a unique travel business that many would call legendary.

Some would say it’s his relentless pursuit to visit every hotel he does business with before he’ll send a single client there. Then there’s his devotion to staying abreast of an industry he knows well; he is seen fre­quently at trade events and always makes time to visit with representatives of luxury travel businesses when they pass through his hometown of Manhattan.

Others would say his success spawns from a confidence developed from years of selling only lux­ury travel, and only to those with whom he wants to do business.
Case in point. Just 10 days before Christmas, Fis­cher’s staff of 20 agents is working furiously to accom­modate last-minute requests from clients who have just decided they’d like to get away for the holiday. They want access to the most elite resorts in the world, most of which have been booked solid for months. In many cases, they’re traveling with family or entourages of seven to 10 people…