Fischer Travel Enterprises Launches New Hospitality Consulting Firm

Fischer-Rosenthal Consulting Provides Expert Guidance to Hotel Owners, Developers, Operators

Fischer Travel Enterprises, the ultra-exclusive travel and lifestyle company, known for setting the highest standard for service excellence in the global hospitality industry, has created a new venture; Fischer-Rosenthal Consulting. The new company will serve as property and guest experience advisors to hotel owners, developers and operators.

Founded by Fischer Travel’s President Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal, working in partnership with the company’s long-time Vice President Dee Branciforte, Fischer-Rosenthal Consulting (FRC) builds on a legendary reputation in the high-end luxury market by providing global expertise in property and amenities management, service standards, and hospitality innovation.

Fischer-Rosenthal Consulting’s goal is to provide expert advice to hoteliers on how to heighten their offerings and transform their brands. Whether hoteliers are scouting a property for possible purchase, diversifying their product, or seeking to breathe new life into an established landmark, the company provides the expert insights necessary to achieve success.

Fischer-Rosenthal conceptualized Fischer-Rosenthal Consulting while exploring the world seeking the very best for her Fischer Travel clients. While planning trips, she would also be asked by resort owners and hoteliers how they could better tailor their interiors, services and amenities to reach their desired high-end clientele.

“We understand that hotels and resorts aren’t simply just built, they’re cultivated,” says Stacy Fischer-Rosenthal. “Which is why I’ve created a process of consulting that begins with a deep exploration into our partners’ ethos and culture. Coupled with years of first-hand experience in luxury travel, our clients gain access to insight that will help them attract and retain the world’s most discerning guests.”

Fischer-Rosenthal Consulting has already assisted several top-tier hospitality brands and iconic properties including Aman, One&Only, The Ranch at Rock Creek, Over Yonder Cay, Eleven Experience and more.

Fischer-Rosenthal credits her father, hospitality industry icon Bill Fischer, for helping her to develop the expertise necessary to serve the world’s most knowledgeable travelers. Fischer Travel has made the impossible possible over the past 50 years for its members who pay a $100,000 entry fee to become a client and a $25,000 annual renewal fee to remain one. The company provides the highest level of service to obtain the unobtainable for their members. Finding an unavailable villa over holidays, securing 50-yard-line seats to the Super Bowl, or even convincing a hotel to knock down walls to create more space for their clients are a small sample of their ability to make the insurmountable possible.

“Over the last 30+ years working with my father, I have curated the most extraordinary and luxurious trips imaginable, so we know very well what this audience is seeking,” said Fischer-Rosenthal. “More than that, Fischer Travel’s unconventional model means that we’ve been able to forge long-term relationships based on unparalleled levels of trust and confidence. The creation of Fischer-Rosenthal Consulting is a natural extension of that trust and hoteliers can feel confident that the product and service recommendations we provide are based on our unmatched experience with an extremely desirable audience.”

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