Best of the Best: The Best in Travel, From Six Senses’ New Swiss Resort to a Luxe Moroccan Hideaway

These world-class properties will accommodate you in style from France to Canada.

Travel illustrationIllustration by Shout

The Big Idea: Vacation 24/7

Call it Traveling for Life. In the wake of the pandemic, many of us have come to see travel very differently than we did before: It’s no longer an escape from the routine but rather a respite within it, an element of our everyday. 

One indication of this trend: Just ask any high-end agent about how much more frequent their communiqués with clients have become.

Travel has become such a priority that it’s now even a gift to give, a rare gesture just a few years ago. New York City–based Fischer Travel’s clients have started tasking its team with devising trips as gifting moments. One gave his longtime assistant a Capri getaway last summer, while another, as a holidays gift, opted for open-ended, all-expenses-paid vacations to the destinations of choice for close family members. His daughter and her husband are already planning a trip to Wimbledon, with the offer of a knockabout against a top-flight player the day before. Game, set, and match. 

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